Monday, March 7, 2011

February Round-up

It's been a month and I guess you think I've been twiddling my thumbs. Well in between bouts of watching entire seasons of 24 on Netflix, (so addictive but essential for couch crafting.) I am glad to report that there has been progress, namely I've added a new product to the line: Baby Owl and did two craft events.
Baby Owls dozing
Baby Owl awake
I made some totes and naughty me this is the only picture I have of them.
I did the Last Saturday's Event at SEED and made it on to their blog. Seed Feed: Last Saturdays Recap.

I watched Julie/Julia the other day and it made me hungry. I have been wanting to make Pad Thai for ages and by the time I remember I realize I don't have the ingredients. I once bought a Pad Thai sauce (readymade) which I sloshed over my noodles and it was disgusting. I am hopeful that my attempt will be successful as I spent a good half hour in the Westminster Supermarket trawling the aisles for Tamarind. The asian supermarket is great but at times it's not big on details so the Tamarind says concentrated but not how much you should use to unconcentrate it so that will be a test I'm sure but I'll take a picture however it turns out. Back to the film though cooking those 500 recipes was a feat to be sure and one that I definitely could not emulate.

In addition to looking recipes up online I have also been reading some craft business blogs about getting over creative slumps and stopping procrastinating both of which have taken time out of my day. What I did get from them however is that completing small projects will get you back on the wagon. I have realized that in my case I need to create new items and improve on existing ones in order to keep me motivated. Point in case, baby owl was one of three designs made after about 8 hours. No sooner did I have my pattern I couldn't wait to make the sample and within the week 4 baby owls had been born. Two of which sold on their first ever public viewing ! which was very exciting. So next time I find myself facing a small bump I'll get designing. I have so many ideas now that I don't really know where to begin so I shall start with a full scale assault on the craft room and clear my space which will probably take the rest of the day to do.

Happy crafting.

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